Interop Summit 2018

INTEROP SUMMIT 2018 is all about interoperability in the context of e-government. The event aims to promote and disseminate best practices on interoperability, based upon the building blocks of the European ISA² programme.

Setting the scene

  • Opening Keynote (Flemish Government)
  • European Interoperability Framework (European Commission)
  • Belgian Implementation of EIF-EIS-EIRA at Federal Level (FPS BOSA)
  • Open Standards for Linked Organisations - OSLO (Informatie Vlaanderen)

Sharing and reusing services

  • FIDUS service integrator (BRIC)
  • NOSTRA catalogue of services (eWBS)
  • G-Cloud at the Social Security (CBSS)
  • Sharing at the local level (City of Ghent)
  • Belgian Interoperability Framework: (FPS BOSA)

Base Registries as a Key Enabler for Interoperability

  • Les freins et barrières à l’interopérabilité autour des registres de base (eWBS)
  • BeSt-Add, Interfederal Cooperation on Base Registries for Addresses in Belgium (BRIC)
  • 5-star Linked Open Data Address Registry (Informatie Vlaanderen)
  • Crossing borders eIDAS: cross-border identity (FPS BOSA)
  • Publishing Transport Data for Maximum Reuse (Smart Flanders)
  • European Location Services (EuroGeographics)

The road ahead

  • Information Governance and Management in Federal, Regional and Local Governments
  • EU landscape challenges after eIDAS (European Commission)

Wrap up and closing